Wild card!

I watched a cooking show recently where various ingredients were named on different cards.   Some of the ingredients were pretty standard; salmon, soybeans, sweet potatoes.  But some of the ingredients were wild cards; kumquats, lemongrass, fiddleheads. The cards were placed face down on the table, and the contestant chefs had to randomly choose three cards; they then had to make up an entrée using those three ingredients.  The dishes were interesting and unusual; the ingredients were used in surprising and creative ways to make something tasty.

I feel that’s a bit like what’s happening in church this Sunday!  It’s Thanksgiving and we are celebrating the baptism of two of our young people and we are celebrating communion.  In the planning stages for baptism, we tried a bunch of different dates for the two families involved, and it turned out this one suited everyone best.  It reminds me of the cooking show; put two things together that you don’t usually put together, and something different and surprising happens.

We often celebrate Thanksgiving around Pentecost; I am used to preaching about the Holy Spirit and baptism.  We can still talk about the Holy Spirit of course, but when we add baptism to Thanksgiving, it puts a different spin on the event.  It can change the way you think about Thanksgiving and it changes the way you think about baptism.  At least that’s what I’ve been finding!

Please be in prayer for our baptismal candidates, and come to church with thankful hearts, ready to celebrate and come to the Lord’s table.

This week’s prayer:   Thank you Lord for the way you cook up a feast of worship for us each Sunday! Bless this week’s service, that it may be a celebration of love for you.

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