How big is the Holy Spirit?

This past week I got around to doing a task I’ve been putting off for a long time. Nathan Scott, our website webmaster, asked me to go back over all most posts and give them “tags”. This basically means finding a couple of keywords that describe each post I’ve written . When every post is tagged, then you can add something called a “tag cloud” to the website. It shows you what subjects you have been talking about the most. The most talked about themes have the biggest font. Look to the right, and you will see our tag cloud.

It was really interesting for me to look at the tag cloud. What have I been talking about? I was glad to see that God and Jesus are pretty big, but was surprised that the Holy Spirit was so little. The Holy Spirit is central to who we are as Christians, but I guess I haven’t been blogging about that very much. Like many Mennonites, we tend to talk a lot about discipleship, and following Jesus. My Pentecostal friends probably have tag clouds with a big “Holy Spirit” and a little “Jesus”.

This Sunday is Pentecost, so what better day to talk about the Holy Spirit. How big is the Holy Spirit in your life?

A prayer for today: You are the Webmaster who sees all the subjects of our days; you know our personal tag clouds inside out. Help us to write words that describe your kingdom.


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