That’s how I see it

A post by Gerald Ens, pastoral intern.

Last year I took a course in Christian ethics. That class, a four month intellectual roller coaster ride, was one of most profoundly unsettling (in a good way – or at least so it seems more than a year later) experiences of my life. Among numerous other challenges, our professor, Harry Huebner, pushed us to understand ethics as a way of seeing the world. Christian ethics, then, is seeing the world as something that God is actively restoring – or to take the theme of my sermon, something that God is actively reconciling – and becoming a person that is better able to see where God is acting. One of the challenges with this understanding of ethics and the world is that it is often difficult to see how and where God is working in our very broken world. Often it takes a lot of practice to be someone who sees God’s reconciling activity.

The main text for my sermon on Sunday is John 21 – the story of Jesus’ reconciliation with Peter. I believe that this story speaks to the brokenness we often see around us. It informs us of the true state of the world, where the risen Christ confronts brokenness and restores it. This story shows us that Christ is, quite simply, reconciling all of creation…or at least that’s how I see it.

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