I doubt it

It’s cool to doubt.  Everywhere you go you see the attitude of scepticism, distrust and suspicion.  The last thing we want to be considered is naïve.  We are people of the world!  We doubt, therefore we are.

We doubt what we hear about, and we even doubt what we see.  Some people still doubt whether human beings walked on the moon.  Even though the pictures would seem to prove it, some would say it’s a vast conspiracy theory.  Other people believe certain authorities, but not others.  We’ve just gone through a federal election, and I haven’t met one person who has said, “I believe that candidate!”  We live in an age of doubt.

Churches, and other religious institutions, are by definition, counter cultural because they are houses of faith.  Faith in God, faith in Allah, faith in something or someone divine.  What does it mean to be faithful, faith-filled, faith-centred?  This Sunday we will be looking at Thomas.  If you had to name one word to describe the disciple Thomas what would it be?

Did you come up with the word “Doubting”?  Hopefully by the end of my sermon, you’ll know a little bit more about “Faithful Thomas”.  See you there!

This week’s prayer:  I doubt it, we doubt it, the world doubts.  We live in a doubty time in our doubty world.  Show us, Lord, what it means to be faithful.  We believe, help our unbelief!

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