Which way is the wind blowing?

What a windy day! On my way to church today to pick something up, I saw the trees bending over so much it was alarming. I ran into church, and then on my way back home I realized the road was blocked with a tree that had indeed fallen over.

Some of you have had similar experiences, fences blown down, shingles gone, trees uprooted. I have heard more than one person today say that it makes us think of the severe weather that many people in the world have endured; tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis. There are forces in our natural world that can change our lives in a moment.

This Sunday we are going to be talking about a different type of force, a force that works more slowly, but causes as much suffering. The force of poverty. There is a myth in our society that poverty is an individual choice; and indeed there are people who give all their money away and live in poverty, or wealthy people who make a bad choice and suddenly are impoverished.

However, when you know people who live in poverty, it becomes much more complex. The winds of government, culture, family history, and economic systems blow millions of people here and there. This Sunday we’ll be talking about what it means to be a Christian in a windy world. Come prepared to welcome our guest speakers, Hugo and Doreen Neufeld.

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