A different kind of confession

Throughout Lent our congregation has been focussing on confessing our sins, and I wonder what this has been like for you. I think confession is pretty much of a counter-cultural experience. At first glance, when you watch TV or youtube, it seems like confession is all the rage. There are numerous reality shows or videos where people let you in to the darker side of their inner life. But if you watch you soon realize that this is confession for show, confession to bring attention, confession to shock. It`s very rarely ever confession for change.

The point of all this hard work of confession, as a Christian, is that we want to change. God wants to change us. We bring our broken bits, our missing parts, our sad stories to Jesus, who wants to re-create us into something more complete, more beautiful, more fulfilling. We endure the slogging work of confession, the humiliation of examining our deepest motives and inner drives in order to be transformed.

And that is what holy week is all about. On Good Friday Jesus dies, carrying the burden of human sin. But by Easter morning he is transformed, undefeated by death. Confession for Christians changes during holy week too; from confessing our sins to confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord. We join with Mary in telling others; I have seen the Lord! Have a blessed Easter weekend!

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