A sorry story

Anyone who has ever taken care of multiple children for any length of time has probably had this experience: one child hurts another. You bring them together and ask one to “Say sorry!” And if you have a good memory, you can probably remember the tone of that sorry. I have heard too many surly sorries!

You can’t get a sorry on demand. You can’t manufacture a sorry. You can’t manipulate a sorry. A sorry has to come from inside. Telling someone to “say sorry” might be good advice, but it often doesn’t get results. The real issue is what is in someone’s heart.

I think back over all the times I’ve tried to get people to say sorry. Maybe it was the wrong approach. Maybe what was more important was whether I was saying sorry. Was I modelling what I was trying to teach? Did I say sorry often enough? Did I mean it from my heart?

This Sunday we’re going to be looking at a broken family in the Bible, and using it as a springboard to think about the brokenness in our own lives. Why is it so hard to say sorry? Where is God in this picture?

This week’s prayer: God, give me an open heart, a clean heart, a heart that can see where a sorry is needed.

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