Are you allergic to confession?

I knew someone once who said she was allergic to fish…she actually wasn’t allergic to fish, she just hated fish, and that way she could get around having to eat it! None of us are allergic to confession, but it’s something we might want to avoid for various reasons.

Being in the Mennonite church, you can avoid confession pretty much. During our congregational prayer time there is usually a component of our prayer that talks about sin and if we say the Lord’s Prayer we talk about trespasses, but you can tune that out if you want. Other denominations emphasize confession more strongly. In the Catholic church for example, confession is a sacrament. Although in recent years even the Catholics have renamed this sacrament “Reconciliation”; it’s not just Mennonites who are allergic to confession!

This Sunday I’m going to be exploring our attitudes towards confession; why is confession something that James talks about in his letter? He says “confess your sins to one another”; do we do that? Why or why not?

Lent is just around the corner, next week is Ash Wednesday. Lent is a time to join with churches around the world in cultivating a penitential spirit. Uh oh…maybe you are allergic to being penitential too!

Today’s prayer: I don’t like confessing very much Lord; I confess I don’t like confessing. Give me an open heart this week, and clear eyes to see myself as you see me.

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