Living more with less

Our church is jumping into the space age, as we embark on our very first “on-line book discussion group”. The book we are studying is the new revised edition of “Living More with Less”. Doris Janzen Longacre wrote this book in 1980, and it became a Mennonite classic, influencing a generation of people looking to follow Jesus.

We’ve had a strong response to this; nineteen people in the church ordered books, with some people sharing copies. It looks like a third of our church might be participating. It might be that the new format of an on-line discussion is very attractive (it’s convenient for some of our members who live far from our church or have very busy schedules). Or it might be that this topic hits close to home. How do we live out our faith in a very materialistic culture?

I was surprised yesterday to read an article in the Globe and Mail that fits in quite nicely with the theme of our book study. A modern family deciding to pare down their possessions, and finding a better quality of life. Is “Living More with Less” becoming a modern trend? How does adding a faith component to the minimalist agenda change that agenda? These are all things that we’ll be talking about on-line, and in our two face-to-face meetings about this book. It’s not too late to join!

This week’s prayer:  There are some things we need to think about.  God, you know that sometimes too much is too much.  Guide our discussion as we think about this together.

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