A Message for you

When I was a kid, I wrote the Queen of England once, asking for her autograph. You can imagine my excitement when I got a letter in the mail with a return address of “Buckingham Palace”. I was so nervous to open the letter. What would Queen Elizabeth have to say to me?

In the scripture we are reading this Sunday, from Jeremiah 29, the people of Israel are in exile, and they get a letter from the prophet Jeremiah beginning with the words, “Thus saith the Lord…” You can imagine their nervousness as they unrolled that scroll!

The words “Thus saith the Lord” are a bit antiquated. Eugene Petersen translates this into modern English, “This is the message from God…” If you got a letter from someone that began with the words “This is the message from God…” what would you think? Would you be eager to open the letter? Or skeptical that such a message would arrive? When you opened it, what would you be looking for?

This Sunday we’ll be thinking about messages from God, and how they match up with what we are looking for. I’ll see you there!

This week’s prayer: You are the one who is always looking for us; this week, help us keep our eyes peeled for messages from you.

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