A different sort of Christmas

This has been a different sort of Christmas for our family.  I haven’t written these past two weeks because we’ve been busy with a family funeral in Manitoba.  My husband’s father passed away after a short and thankfully mostly painless illness.

During our visit, there was time to reflect on a life and the impact that life had on you.  It was also a time to reflect on the passing of generations and the realization that everyone is getting older!  Nobody stays the same.

Jesus, by coming to earth, entered into this timebound world.  He came as a small baby, but like all babies, he quickly grew and left childhood and his youth behind (scripture gives only a few verses to all those years of his life).  Joseph, his earthly father, was nowhere to be seen during Jesus’ ministry, so Jesus probably helped to bury this man.  Jesus too must have reflected on the fleeting nature of time, and the passing of generations.

Incarnation is the fancy theological word to describe what happened when Jesus came to earth.  Incarnation means “taking on flesh”.  Another way to describe it is that Jesus was embodied…he took on  a human body.     As followers of this incarnated Saviour, we are challenged to embody Jesus.  We are called to give tangible or visible form to Jesus.  This time he will born in us.  Or is it us being born again?

This year I’m thinking about the mystery of Christmas and the meaning that we find in our earthbound, beautiful lives, lives that we share with Jesus, “God with us”.

This week’s prayer:  O come to us, abide with us, Our Lord Emmanuel.

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