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A few weeks ago a bunch of shoppers at the Seaway Mall were having their lunch when a woman on her cellphone started singing the “Hallelujah Chorus”.  More and more shoppers stood up and started singing…  You can see the whole event on youtube at Chorus Niagara members planned this unannounced event.

There is something compelling about the video—I’ve watched it a bunch of times.   Maybe it’s the transition from the little keyboard playing “Jingle Bells” to the opening bars of Handel’s score.  Maybe it’s the lovely voices ringing out in front of the fast food outlets.  Maybe it’s the wide eyes and open mouths on the children’s faces.  Maybe it’s the confidence and joy in the voice of the singers, young and old.  Maybe it’s the way an ordinary every day can be transformed by beauty in an instant, beauty that flares up, then fades away, as everyone turns back to their French fries and newspapers.  But something has happened, you’ve turned back, but you’ve experienced something, and you are changed.  I think God breaks into our lives in ways like this. Join the 13, 195, 871 people who have seen this video.

This week’s prayer:  Help us join the chorus of the faithful this Christmas, singing praise to you with our whole hearts.

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