The Great Librarian

I still remember story time at the library when I was a little girl. We would all gather round the librarian. She would sit on a small stool, and we would sit on little pieces of carpet all around her. She would read a story, and we would look at the pictures. She read the page and held the book up so we could all look at the picture, and then the page would turn, and then there was more of the story. As she read, it seemed like the room fell away, the children around me fell away, even the librarian fell away, and I was falling into the story. All I could see and feel and hear was the story. The book closing was an abrupt end to that little adventure in storyland.

Stories have the ability to draw us in, to carry us on. Stories that are real, that tell our history, are the most powerful stories. They remind us who we have been and who we are and who we can be. Refugees coming to this country hold on to stories carefully. A person who was well respected and established in their home country, suddenly becomes a nobody in a new country. They are displaced, disheartened, deprived of the ability to easily communicate. They often live in poverty. Stories are what hold them together, even when they are disregarded or treated with disrespect. They hold on carefully to the story of who they have been, who they are and who they can be.

This Sunday we’ll be talking about the power of the gospel story, particularly the gospel story told by Luke, the beloved physician. Take time to read Luke chapter 1 before you come to church. What adventure is beginning with this chapter? What does it say about who you have been, who you are and who you can be? I can’t wait to fall into the story and find out!

This week’s prayer: God, you are the Great Librarian, the Keeper of so many books, the Reader who tells the story we most need to hear. Draw us in to your story this week.

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