Peace on the home front

This Sunday is peace Sunday. Mennonites believe that Jesus is the Prince of Peace, and that as Christians we should be peaceful people. We have a peace position as a denomination. When push came to shove in world politics, and Canada went to war in 1939, it turns out that just over 50% of Mennonites eligible to enlist decided to be conscientious objectors, choosing to not take up arms. That leaves a pretty big percentage of Mennonites who did choose to fight.

There’s lots to discuss here. Why did they fight, how did they fit that in with their Christian faith, what do people believe now, what is our position about military involvement, should Christians ever bear arms, what about being a police officer? (to name a few discussion directions!) There are lots of debatable points.

The peace I want to talk about this Sunday is closer to home. Do almost 50% of Mennonites tolerate violence in their homes, or are we more peaceful the closer to home we get? And just what is a violent act? It’s time to take a good hard look at our home lives, and see whether the Prince of Peace is welcome there. Take a deep breath…here we go!

This week’s prayer: Too often we cry peace, peace, when there is no peace. Lord, open our hearts to think clearly about violence that is close to home. Show us the paths to peace that we need to walk.

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