Masking the truth?

One of the critiques I have heard of modern churches is that people in churches wear masks. They pretend to be holy and pious on Sunday morning, yet as soon as they leave the service, off comes the mask and they become their old regular self. It’s not a new critique. It’s one of the things the prophets kept telling the people of Israel as well.

As church members we want to be honest and authentic. We don’t want to pretend and present a false front: to appear to be happy when really we are torn up inside, to appear to be close to God when really we are feeling miles away. On the other hand, boundaries are a good thing. It’s probably not healthy or desirable to be searingly honest with everyone we meet, there are some things that can and should remain private.’

How do we be honest in our church community? Is there an alternative to wearing a mask? That’s the topic for this week’s sermon. Today’s prayer: You know who I am, inside and out. Draw me closer into a community of people who love me for who I am, inside and out. Show me the ins and outs of loving others.

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