The First….Church

When my parents were growing up, denominations in church were as separate as denominations in currency. A $10 bill is not a $20 bill and never will be. An Anglican is not a Mennonite and never will be. When my Mennonite father married my Anglican mother in 1954, they had to choose what denominational church they would attend, and they veered to the Anglican side, but I don’t think my father ever felt at home there.

Nowadays things aren’t so cut and dried. You can attend Mennonite services that have a liturgical focus. They follow the lectionary, and their order of service has a high church sort of feel. Maybe you’ll even see vestments! You can attend Anglican churches where they have bible studies, potlucks and talk about peace and justice. Even the buildings are getting harder to tell apart. Mennonite churches with stained glass windows. Anglican churches meeting in plain spaces.

This week in the second part of our series “First Mennonite and the New Reformation”, we’re going to be talking about religionless Christianity and the trend in the new reformation for de-emphasizing denominations.  How do we get rid of all the trappings and get back to Jesus? How did the followers of Jesus get back to Jesus once he wasn’t there anymore?

This week’s prayer: Jesus stand among us, in your risen power. Let this time of worship, be a hallowed hour.


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