Living life with your eyes closed?

This summer I was in the middle of Jordan pond in my kayak, thinking how far I had to paddle to get to the dock. I’d been kayaking for two hours and my arms were pretty tired. The shore seemed to be moving by very slowly. So I decided just to close my eyes and paddle for 100 strokes. Stroke, stroke, stroke. Finally, I opened my eyes expecting to see the dock much closer, but instead I found I had veered 90 degrees to the left…apparently my right hand stroke is stronger than my left hand stroke! So I had farther to go than ever.

I know that too often I have lived my life with my eyes closed. I forget which way I’m headed, or why I’m living in the first place. For me, reading the Bible in the morning and the evening is a way to open my eyes, to set the course, to think about where I’m going and where I’ve been. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to do that, but it is always worthwhile. It saves time and grief, it keeps me on an even keel.

Right now I am using the Anabaptist Prayer Book “Take Our Moments and Our Days” which lays out daily biblical readings and prayers. Talk to me about it, I will leave a copy on the table in the library for you to look at. Some of you use the “Rejoice” daily devotional booklet, if you ask I can make sure you get a copy. Another great option that I have found very helpful is the Jesuit resource called These daily ten minute prayers can be downloaded on your mp3 player, or listened to on-line. Scripturally focussed, each day has a different musical style which gives you some time to pray and think about your response to the passage. Or you can just open up your Bible, (maybe dust it off if you have to!), and read. Open your eyes!

Today’s prayer: Thank you for giving direction. Give me the humbleness and discipline I need to open my eyes and accept direction. Amen.


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