Maps to steer by

A couple of years ago I had a very vivid dream. I had been reading a lot of stories about the Mennonites and their difficult time in the Ukraine, and I think they made a very big impression on me. I dreamed that there was a war here in Canada, and that suddenly it became very unsafe for young men. It was so unsafe, in fact, that my son had to flee. This was a sudden and quick decision we made and it happened in the middle of the night. Time was very short, he had to leave the house immediately. We told him that he had to go to British Columbia because that is where he would be safe. We stuck some things in a backpack for him and sent him out the back door of our house; we said good-bye, and we saw him jump over the back fence and disappear into the darkness. It was only when we got inside and a few minutes had passed that I suddenly realized that we had not given him a map. He was gone, there was no way we could give him a map now…and the thing that was so vivid about the dream was the terrible sense that we had forgotten to give him something essential for his journey. How would he know where to go, or what to expect along the way?

Maps are what ground us…maps prepare us for the journey ahead, and help explain where we’ve been. This Sunday we’ll be talking about maps for the Christian life. In a few weeks we will be baptizing one of our young people, what can she expect on the road ahead?

This week’s prayer: The road goes ever on and on…help us Lord to discern the right roads to take. And give us strength for the journey, and companions along the way.

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