Where am I?

I remember being lost in Saskatchewan. I had started out on a trip from Saskatoon to Swift Current, and decided to take some back roads. It was ranching country…with almost no houses anywhere. It didn’t take long and I was quite disoriented, and all there were was rolling hills. It was an overcast day and I couldn’t even tell which way was east or west. As I drove along I came to intersections, but none of them had any signs on them. I couldn’t believe it. What kind of place is this, where there are no signs? I still remember thinking, “If there aren’t any signs, how can I tell where I am?”

We can feel that way in life sometimes. Where am I? Where am I going? God is the one who goes with us on the journey. God is the one who provides the maps, in fact, scripture is like a giant map. Our bibles could have a red arrow on the cover, with the caption, “You are here.” God maps out the way for us, and tells us where we are going, where we have been.

Abram got directions from God. We are going to be journeying with Abram this Sunday, as God leads him from place to place. He’s travelling blind…he’s never been that way before. All along the way he builds altars, where he calls upon the name of the Lord. Altar building has gone out of fashion…how do we show our faithfulness in concrete ways?

This week’s prayer: When I don’t know where I’m going, Lord, stand by me! When the roadways have no markers, stand by me! When I’m all alone and wandering…stand by me!

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