Political troubles

When you read the words of the title to this blog, maybe you thought of a politician who is facing a scandal or an investigation. But that’s not the type of political troubles we’re talking about this Sunday. As we continue our series on “Our God in Troubled Times” we are talking about what happens when the government is hostile to you. Or maybe it’s not hostile, it just breaks down and becomes ineffective. Or maybe there’s a war, and your government is overthrown. Or maybe… Political troubles come in lots of variations.

At our Mennonite Central Committee Fundraising Dinner this Saturday we will be talking to four people who experienced political troubles. Different countries, different continents, different time periods, different situations. What links their stories is that their political troubles made their lives unbearable, and it prompted them to flee. What also links their stories is that people working in the name of Jesus, people working through Mennonite Central Committee, helped them in their relocation journey.

What are our prayers like when we do not feel safe in our society? What is the nature of our worship when we are filled with fear and uncertainty? We’ll be exploring this in our service this week. Here’s a hint: come prepared to sing!

This week’s prayer: Help us to listen to the voices of our brothers and sisters in countries torn apart by political instability.  Help us to hear your voice as we respond.


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