Relationship problems?

Someone I know was going through a marriage breakdown, and she described a dream she had. “I dreamed there was broken glass everywhere; on the ground in every direction, and there was even broken glass inside my mouth.” The description of that dream has stayed with me. When relationships break down we feel shattered. The more intimate the relationship, the more shattered we feel.

The Bible has lots to say about relationship problems. A read through Genesis is a good lesson on “how not to treat people”. In the gospels the disciples didn’t always get along, and the book of Acts talks about tensions between the early leaders of the church.

Everyone has relationship problems. It’s impossible to get through life without them! Playground rivalries, sibling spats, highschool feuds, arguments with parents; all these early experiences set the stage for adult life. As grown-ups we constantly deal with misunderstandings, hurt feelings, betrayals, jealousies and abuse, whether from family members, friends, neighbours or co-workers.

Unfortunately, being a Christian doesn’t exempt us from troubles. The question we are going to look at on Sunday is, how is God present for us in the midst of these hard times? How does believing in God make a difference in how we respond? Think of one relationship problem you are currently facing. How does being a Christian make a difference in your game plan?

This week’s prayer:  Open my eyes to see this difficult relationship in a new light, the light you give. Help me to love in this difficult relationship with a new love, the love you give. Amen.

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