Choices in iworld

My cellphone says it all. It’s all about me. I chose the phone from among dozens of others at the store. I chose the screen that I see when I open it. I chose the font of the letters, the brightness, how I want the date and time displayed. I chose the menu options. I chose the people on my speed dial. I chose the ring-tone, and when and if I’ll take the calls. I chose the pictures I took on it, and the pictures I deleted. That’s a lot of ichoices for a piece of plastic that is smaller than a peanut butter sandwich.

It caters to me, just like a lot of the other technologies I use. I like being catered to. I like things to be the way I want them. ichoice in iworld. iam the greatest judge of what ilike! What happens when we run into a Saviour who has a different view of i? Who chooses not to have things cater to him? A son of man who isn’t trying to be number one, who isn’t wanting to have everything his way. What does it mean when this teacher tells us not to put ourselves first, and when this master in fact models a way of being a servant for others?

This week we’ll be finishing the sermon series on technology by looking at Jesus, and his choice to head for Jerusalem. We’ll be examining what it means to be people who put the i aside, who live for Jesus instead. Jesus wants us to think not so much about i, but about we (a word that is not spelled here with two ii’s).

Spend a moment thinking about what we means, by looking at this three minute youtube video about Nathan and Jennifer’s niece Katie. As I’ve been thinking about choices in iworld, this video gave me hope for choosing to live as we.

I think it’s a prayer.

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