Lessons from the Cat in the Hat

A lot of new technology is pretty fancy.  On my cell, I can phone or text people, and I can take and send pictures, it’s also an alarm clock and I use it as a flashlight when it’s dark.  It’s pretty handy!  The same with my computer.  I  bought it to type on, so I can write my sermons.  But now I use it for email, for watching dvd’s, downloading songs, writing a blog.  It has a calculator and a datebook and a camera and a microphone.  Pretty fancy.

In fact, some days I find myself doing all sorts of things at once on this computer, just because I can…in the middle of writing a sermon, I’ll quick look up some fact on the internet, but I hear a PING telling me that I just got a new email, so I open that program, where someone asks me a question, so I open the church database, and then I wonder what today’s date is, so I go to my calendar on-line.  Before I know it I have so many windows open, I’ve lost track of what I am really doing.

The danger is that if we have tools that can do everything at once, then we try to do everything at once.  When it works, we feel like the Cat in the Hat, who balances everything with grace (at least for a while!).  But sometimes things crash!  This week I invite you to watch yourself…do you do one thing at a time, or are you balancing doing all sorts of things at once?  Do you watch TV as you do your homework on the computer as you’re chatting on facebook as you listen to your ipod?  Maybe it’s working for you, maybe it’s not.  Come on Sunday prepared  to think about what it means to be a follower of Jesus in a world filled with multi-tasking tools.

God, thank you for all the amazing tools that we have in our hands.  Help us to know how to use them wisely and well. 

p.s.  If you are looking for the sermons, they are no longer included in this pastor’s blog, but have their own page…look at the top of this screen and click on the tab marked “Sermons”.

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