That’s not always how the cookie crumbles!

Everyone has a different journey on the road to forgiveness. Joseph was betrayed and sold as a slave. But he ends up as the second most powerful person in Egypt. It all works out for good for Joseph, which makes it easier for him to forgive his brothers.

If only that was always our experience. Someone steals your wallet, and while you are at the police station making a report you meet the woman of your dreams and you end up marrying her! Someone cheats you out of your computer software business, and you end up as vice-president of the company that replaces Microsoft. Some crazy person punches you in the mouth at the airport, causing you to miss your flight—and then the plane you were supposed to be on crashes! If only things always worked out for good that way. But unfortunately, that’s not always how the cookie crumbles.

This Sunday we’ll be looking at the different experiences of Joseph as he travels his road to forgiveness. I hope it will help us think about our own lives. Each one of us faces challenges in the forgiveness department. Circumstances can go a long way to helping us forgive someone.

Think of a person in your life that you are trying to forgive, or have forgiven. What circumstances have helped or hindered that forgiveness? Where is God in the story? What do we do with those stubborn stories that don’t have happy endings? I think the Joseph story has something to say about that too!

Thank you God that you are with me in the messy details of my everyday life. Give me clear eyes to see where I’m at with forgiveness…show me the path you would have me follow.

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