Ringing out the old year

There is no better way to ring out the old year than to think about all the things to be thankful for. I’m thankful for health, for people in my family, for friends, for a home to live in, for plentiful food to eat and for a peaceful country in a world where many live with war. I’m thankful for a good job that I love. I’m thankful for the beauty of the country in which I live, for Lake Ontario shining blue everywhere I go, for the trees and the rocks of the escarpment. I’m thankful for this friendly community I live in, for the people on the street, for the people at the grocery store and the bank and the doctor’s office and the drugstore…the people in my neighbourhood. I’m thankful that I have time and resources to travel, that I can listen to music and see artwork, and read great books. I’m thankful for a sense of history, of knowing who I am and where I’ve come from. I’m thankful for laughter and all the funny people who keep me laughing. I’m thankful for seasons and holidays and traditions. I’m thankful for my pets and my backyard and my garden. I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn. I’m thankful for silence. I’m thankful for memory and for feeling hopeful. I’m thankful to God who has given me every one of these gifts. I’m thankful to be part of a community where we can be thankful together.

This Sunday when we have “Prayers of the People”, you will be given an opportunity to share what you are thankful for. I hope that this year will be a thankful year, where we remember God’s grace together.

All good gifts around us, are sent from heaven above, thank you Lord, oh thank you Lord, for all your love.

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