Driving in the dark

I remember a particular drive in the dark when I was a little girl. It was late at night, I don’t even know where we were coming from, but we were headed home. I was listening to my parents as we drove in the darkness. We were lost, they were talking about that. What I remember clearly is the feeling I had. I was in the backseat with my two sisters, warm and cozy, and I was enjoying the ride. The fact that we didn’t know where we were going didn’t bother me at all. I knew that my parents would find the way home. It was nothing I had to concern myself about at all.

Driving in the darkness as an adult is much more nerve-wracking, particularly if you’ve ever been lost in the dark. Or even been lost in the day-time! Last year I was in southern Saskatchewan on some rural roads, and there were simply no road-signs. Mile after mile, I’d pass road after road, and there were no markings whatsoever at the intersections. I had a map, but if the roads aren’t labelled, it’s useless. I was driving in the dark, even though it was day-time.

We are people who like to know where we are and where we are going, at all times! As Christians, sometimes God asks us to drive in the dark, or follow roads that have no signs. We know we are doing what God has asked or laid out for us, but we don’t know where the road leads. Walking in darkness is the theme of this Sunday’s advent sermon…we are going to be taking a look at John the Baptist. He was driving a wilderness road…I wonder if he saw signs on the road ahead. Did he anticipate where the road would take him?

Take a moment to think about your life…is there an area where you are feel like you are driving in the dark? If you prayed for direction, and are taking some steps after seeking God’s guidance, it may be difficult to feel like you’re still in the dark. Shouldn’t God shed some light on the situation? Advent is a time to remember that darkness is a time to trust God. I wonder whether you can sit in the backseat and trust God to find the way home for you. Can you enjoy the ride?

God of every dark road, be with me this week as I try to follow you. Do I believe in your guiding hand in my life? I want to believe, help my disbelief!

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