Water, water everywhere

Have you seen the water in Twenty Mile Creek lately? Maybe you cross it on Victoria Avenue, or catch a glimpse as you’re driving over the bridge in the Hollow. What’s amazing is that the creek is still running. Ball’s Falls is falling…not just trickling, like it usually does in August. All this rain makes for pretty waterfalls.

This week Stephanie and I were on a walk in the Niagara Gorge. It was a scorching hot day, and we were parched. We came to a little waterfall showering over the trail. Even though we were really thirsty, I don’t think either of us thought, “Let’s take a drink.” When did we stop being able to drink the water we live by? What year? What decade?

In our Sunday evening worship service we’ll be reflecting on water, the gift from God that St. Francis referred to as, “Sister Water, so useful, humble, precious and pure.” Those are interesting adjectives. Maybe we all need to be more water-like!

I also want to give advance notice of our second annual First Mennonite Bruce Trail pilgrimage, happening Sept. 13th after church. We had a pilgrimage last November 2 (see the pictures I’ve posted below) with a good turnout from young to old. We started at Mountainview Conservation area on the other side of Beamsville, and we arrived at our church around 4 hours, and many kilometres, later!

We all probably cross the Bruce Trail at least several times a week. A pilgrimage is an invitation to get out of our cars, slow down, and experience this beautiful corridor of wildness that is the backbone of the Niagara Peninsula. The pilgrimage is about walking prayerfully, listening to what God has to say. It’s about being pilgrims together.

This week’s prayer: You created us to be thirsty people, Lord. Give us living water. Open our eyes to the water around us.

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