Me, me, me!

You’ve spent the evening with a friend, and they’ve talked the whole time about themselves. Then right at the end, you think they’re switching gears as they pause for a deep breath and they say, “OK, enough of me talking about me. Now you can talk about me for a change!”

OK, well, maybe it’s not often that blatant, but you get the picture. Too often it’s all about me, me, me. That could be any baby’s theme song, as they cry for a drink, for food, for clothing, for attention. But as we grow from babies to adults, the challenge is to put away childish things and stop being pre-occupied 24-7 with ourselves.

Jesus wants us to love our neighbour as ourselves. This week I’m going to be talking about how our bodies help us, and hinder us, in the big quest to get out of our skin and into someone else’s. This has something to do with love, and it has something to do with commitment. It has something to do with sex, and it has to do with sexuality. It has everything to do with our bodies. I only have twenty minutes to talk about this! Yikes! I’ll see what I can do! Your prayers are always needed!

In the last couple of weeks in our worship we’ve talked about body image and basic bodily needs, and how we’re tempted to worship false gods. I’m going to be posting those sermons on the website, in case you missed one.

In the meantime, try and think about the most selfless experiences you have ever had. Moments where you cared more for someone else and their well-being, than for your own. These are intimate moments, moments where we’ve somehow transcended the me-me-me . These moments always involve our bodies. Think about that.

This week’s prayer: Lord, help me to see you, and to see the us that you see when you see me and them!

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