Crop tour!

A couple of farmers in our church are planning a crop tour…they’re going to be inviting you to come and see what they are growing in their fields this year. We’ll meet at church and carpool together to visit the different fields…I think there’s even a BBQ planned at our last location. Stay tuned…more details will come on Sunday.

Visiting the fields where our farmers spend hours preparing and caring for crops is important. I think we’ll have a better appreciation for what their lives are about as we walk a kilometre in their shoes (or depending if it’s been raining, as we walk a kilometre in their rubber boots! ) It will also help us appreciate how much work goes into the food we find on our tables every day.

Some people in our church have jobs that aren’t very conducive to tours. We can’t tour the private lives of people who have been helped by a counsellor or therapist. We can’t all troop into a classroom and see the grade schoolers, or the university schoolers, or their teachers, at work. We can’t all fit into a truck cab and drive a route and visit customers, or watch someone interacting with clients at a bank. We can’t follow someone doing volunteer work at the nursing home, or as they sit on a board of directors.

But as a caring community of faith, we can ask about each other’s lives. It’s easy to just say, “How’s it going?” or “Keeping busy?” But general questions get general answers. Maybe we can try some more specific questons, “What did you enjoy most about the work you did this week?” “Is it easy or hard to be a Christian in the work you do?” “How is your work a blessing in your life?”

Every worship service around Labour Day for the past few years, we’ve had some people share about the work they do , and how their faith is strengthened or challenged by that work. If you are interested in sharing  your story this year, let me know!

A prayer for this week: Help our congregation grow in love for each other. Give us the grace to care for each other’s stories and to walk a mile in each other’s shoes. Thank you for the gift of our faith community.

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