Exploring the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection (guest post by Stephanie Dueck)

Jesus died and rose again. What does this mean for you? We hear these words so much that sometimes they can lose their meaning. What do these words mean for each of us now, in the place we are at in life?

Let’s ponder the meaning. With Christ’s resurrection we are given eternal life, and freedom from sin and death. Eternal life is about living with Christ forever. It means that we are never alone. We have a constant companion. We may not have lived at the same time as Jesus, but we can know that he experienced many of the same struggles that we face. He was human as much as we are human, but he was also divine. Jesus is compassionate with us, and he knows what being human is all about! God sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit to live among us. We truly worship the one God who is unquestionably a God-with-us.

Maybe the problem is that we know this in our minds, but not in our hearts. Henri Nouwen, a spiritual writer encourages us to train ourselves to be more aware of Christ’s presence in our lives. We do this through prayer, which can be a specific moment in the day when we pray for our needs, the needs of our community and our world. Prayer can also be a constant awareness that Christ is with us and that we belong to Christ.

We are talking about the Thessalonians again this week. They also struggled with understanding what Jesus’ death and resurrection meant. They had recently experienced deaths in their community as a result of persecution. What was going to happen to these loved ones? Where did they go? Paul had to remind them what Jesus’ death and resurrection meant. (I Thessalonians 4:13-5:11) We also need to be reminded from time to time.

This week’s prayer: Lord, may the meaning of your death and resurrection move from our minds to our hearts. You are our Comforter, our Companion, and our Saviour. Help us to be more aware of your presence in this week. Amen.

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