Baby Gift!

This Sunday we will be celebrating a child dedication in our worship service.  We will give thanks for the gift of little Simeon.  His parents will dedicate him to God, and all of us will commit ourselves to helping to raise him in a healthy, loving environment. 


The text I’ll be preaching on this Sunday is the story of baby Jesus being blessed by Simeon and Anna (Luke 2:22-40)  My mind has been turning over the image of a baby’s tiny head cradled lovingly in very old wrinkled hands.  In the bible story Simeon is the one with the old hands;  in our service, Simeon is the tiny baby.


What can we do as a congregation to help Simeon grow up to be a man who blesses babies?  What can we do to help him grow strong, filled with wisdom?  There are so many variables, so many influences that will come to bear upon him, who can tell what kind of person he will be?


I think the key to the whole story is the description of Simeon, “the holy Spirit rested on him.”  How does the Holy Spirit rest on us? 


This week’s prayer: 

God of beautiful newborn babies, God of beautiful aging people,

God of dimpled tiny hands, God of gnarled and wrinkled hands,

we want to be a community of blessing, a community of the blessed.

Gentle us, soothe our busy comings and goings,

rest your hand upon us, as individuals and as a congregation.

Let all who come to us, and all who depart from us,

encounter your spirit of peace.  Amen.

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